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A black and white dog and a brown dog laying in the grass


Sunny and Poet

The story of two shy dogs who found their perfect family and became best friends.

A helicopter over wildfire smoke and hills


Nakia Creek Fire

Updates on the Nakia Creek Fire in Clark County and its impact on HSSW services

Three black and white kittens with green, white, and red collars


Don't be a Kit-Napper!

How and when should kittens be brought to the shelter? It's less often than you think.

A beagle, held by a person standing by a red van


Rescue Beagles Arrive at HSSW

Beagles rescued from a testing facility arrive at HSSW in search of a new home.

A black and white dog and white dog standing next to each other outside


A New Home for Three Dogs

Three HSSW long-timer dogs find a new, unexpected home.

A golden retriever sitting next to a sign that says "Pet Clinic"


Wellness Clinics for Community Pets

Providing basic care for pets, Wellness Clinics keep families together.

A small brown and white dog, wrapped in a towel held by a woman wearing a mask


A Path to Adoption for 30 Small Dogs

Rescued from unsafe conditions, they now have a path to new homes.