A golden retriever sitting next to a sign that says "Pet Clinic"

Wellness Clinics for Community Pets

July 13, 2022

The heart of our work is animal adoptions (we like to call it completing families). And as much as we love sending animals to their new, happy homes, we love something else just as much: helping keep pets and families together. Community programs at HSSW are designed to do just that.

Each year, hundreds of families in our community face what can seem like an impossible challenge: caring for their animals when times are hard. Loss of income or home, the cost of medical care for pets or people, or temporary hardship making it difficult to even put food on the table – these are only a few of the things that impact our neighbors’ ability to care for their pets. And we’re here to help.

Partnering with local organizations which provide programs and services to underserved families in our community, the HSSW mobile team brings essential healthcare
services to the pets of our houseless neighbors. In 2021, the pets of more than 50 families received essential medical care thanks to our Wellness Clinics.

On June 18, HSSW participated in its most recent Wellness Clinic in partnership with Recovery Café Clark County and Thrive 2 Survive. Illustrating the need for these programs in our community, 75 animals and 58 families received care from HSSW staff and volunteers.

Wellness Clinics are only one of the essential HSSW programs available to our community. From pet food support to medical assistance and temporary shelter, HSSW is here for the people and pets of Southwest Washington. 

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