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Kitten Season Crowds Area Shelters

When the weather warms in the Pacific Northwest, we start to see kittens and pregnant cats come to the shelter in need of care and, eventually, in need of homes. We call it kitten season. Years ago, kitten season slowed down in the fall and we could rely on few or no kittens arriving in the cold months of fall and winter. In recent years, HSSW and other local shelters and rescues have noticed that kitten season has started to become an all-year event. Our staff is no longer surprised to have young kittens arrive in the coldest months.

As kitten season lengthens every year, it continues to challenge our teams, our budgets, and our capacity to provide care for all of the unwanted cats in our community. Last week, HSSW received numerous cats from a single home because they needed our help. (Not to mention 82 rats, 10 hamsters, 13 guinea pigs, and one python.) Daily, kittens and cats arrive at our doorstep in need. Currently, our team is caring for a cat population that is 140% of our capacity – that’s right, 40% more cats than we are prepared to manage on any given day. Our team of staff and volunteers has been working long, hard days to manage this challenge. It strains our space, challenges our foster volunteers who so generously give their time and skill to caring kittens in need, and reduces the available space we have to accept additional stray cats or those coming from families who can no longer care for them.

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Adopt. If you have room in your home and in your heart for a cat and have been considering adoption, now’s the time – take advantage of our Fall in Love promotion and name your own adoption fee. Meet our adoptable cats.

Donate. Consider donating food by shopping locally and dropping it off or visiting our Amazon Wish List.

Volunteer. Looking to lend a hand directly? Learn more about volunteering

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They say it takes a village… we’re so grateful for our amazing village of staff, volunteers, donors, partners, and supporters. On behalf of the entire team here at HSSW, thank you.