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You have questions... We have answers

Q. Is HSSW a no-kill shelter?
A. HSSW is proud to be a partner in making the Vancouver area one of the safest communities for pets, with a 92.9% save rate. We are committed to ending the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. There are no limits on how long an animal can stay with us and we do not euthanize due to over-crowding. We will only euthanize animals too sick for treatment or rehabilitation or those deemed behaviorally unsuitable for adoption. You can learn more by visiting our statistics page.

Q. My pet is missing. What should I do?
A. It's important to file a lost pet report with us as soon as possible. You must do this in person during regular business hours. You'll find this report, as well as other important information about reuniting with your pet on our Lost & Found page.

Q. I found a cat/dog in my neighborhood. What should I do?
A. We ask that you file a report with us so we can help to reunite the animal with its family. You'll find this report on our Lost & Found page. If you choose to bring the animal to the Humane Society, we ask that you first contact our staff to make an appointment at 360-213-2621.

Q. Why do you transport animals from other shelters? 
In addition to supporting animals in our community, we're fortunate to be able to help find homes for dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters within Washington State and from other areas of the country.  Our transport partners are carefully selected and are closely monitored to ensure that they comply with all state and federal regulations for animals entering the state.  The primary requirements are:

Each animal MUST have a U. S. Department of Agriculture health certificate, issued by a licensed veterinarian within 7 days of transport.
All animals must have a current rabies vaccination (if over 90 days of age).
All dogs over 6 months of age must test negative for heartworm disease.

The veterinarian who completes the health certificate before transport is responsible for forwarding it to the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). HSSW also sends completed certificates to the state, to ensure that each animal is accounted for and properly documented.

Q. I'm looking for low-cost veterinary services in my community. Can I bring my dog or cat to the Humane Society?
A. Washington State law prohibits our veterinary staff from providing treatment or exams to privately-owned animals. Fortunately, we have a community with a number of local clinics - many of whom offer services at reasonable rates. You can find many of these resources listed on PAW Team

Q. Do you offer any services for low-income families?
We know financial hardship happens. We have programs available for Clark County families in need. Learn more about available services like pet food assistance programs and low cost spay/neuter by visiting our Support for Families page.

Q. Can I get shots for my dog or cat at HSSW?
Yes. We have regular vaccine clinics in partnership with Good Neighbor Vet. Clinics operate on a regular monthly schedule. Visit for dates, times and locations in your area. 

Q. What if I can no longer care for my animal?
A. Pets are part of our families and HSSW is here to help when pet owners can no longer care for their dog or cat. Our staff and volunteers will provide the care and support these animals need until they find their new homes. Click here for more information. 

Q. I'm concerned about the welfare of an animal in my community. Does HSSW investigate reports of animal neglect or cruelty?
A. All reports of animal neglect or abuse should be reported. Click here to learn more about reporting animal welfare concerns in your community. 

Q. Can I volunteer at the Humane Society?
A. We have volunteer positions available for individuals aged 14 and older. Our Volunteer page has more information about opportunities as well as upcoming volunteer orientations. 

Q. How can I get on the HSSW mailing list?
A. We would love to keep in touch with you! Visit our sign-up page

Q. What is included in your adoption fee?
A. All animals adopted from HSSW include the following

Spay or neuter surgery
Microchip ID and national registration
Select vaccinations
Free veterinary exam with a local participating veterinarian
Animal training information
30 days of free pet insurance

If you'd like more information about our adoption process and related fees, check out our Adoption page.

Q. Are all animals spayed or neutered?
A. Yes. We are committed to reducing the number of animals in our community living as strays or without a caregiver. To best support that goal, all animals adopted from HSSW are either spayed or neutered prior to adoption.

Q. Does HSSW receive funding from the Humane Society for the United States or ASPCA?
AThe Humane Society for Southwest Washington receives no funding from the Humane Society for the United States. We rely on donations from our community. All funds donated to HSSW stay in our community. 

Q. I'd like to make a donation. How can I best support the dogs and cats? 
A. Thank you! Check out our Donate page for more information about supporting our work and the animals in our care.