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Get to know us

At HSSW, we’re committed to enriching the lives of people and pets in our community. Through education, outreach, adoption, events and support services for families in need, we’re growing our HSSW family every day!

We love being a part of our community and are committed to serving it; and as our community changes and grows, so do we. Here’s a little more about us – we’ve changed a lot over the years.

Meet some of the people behind the work - Key Staff and Board of Directors

Did you know…

Shelter for Lost/Stray Animals
HSSW serves as the only municipal shelter in Clark County. Our contract provides a safe space for lost/stray animals or those who have been neglected or abused. Animals reported as lost/stray will stay with HSSW for a period of time (determined by municipal codes) before they become candidates for adoption. Learn more about stray and lost animals. 

Euthanasia Statement
At HSSW, we never euthanize for space. There’s no time-limit for the dogs and cats staying at HSSW and we never euthanize for breed. In fact, the only time we consider euthanasia is if an animal is terminally ill or behaviorally inappropriate which typically means that they are “animal or people aggressive” and we are unable to retrain them. Our commitment to ending the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals has helped make our community one of the safest for pets. Learn more about our save rate.

National Affiliation
We rely on donations from our community. HSSW has no affiliation with the Humane Society for the United States shares no funding with the Humane Society for the United States or any other national animal welfare group. Every dollar given to HSSW stays in our community to benefit the animals and families in our community. We always say: if you want to help locally, make sure you give locally. Learn more about our funding and finances. 

Cost of Care
Caring for animals while they stay at the shelter costs money. It’s more than just food – it’s medical care. Dogs and cats are altered, given access to our dental and specialty medical services as well as our robust foster care program. Effective care also requires staff and volunteer resources, maintenance and basic facility costs. Adoption fees don’t begin to cover the cost of care for an animal; in fact, donations from the community make up 80% of our funding. Learn more about donating to support the dogs and cats.