Kitten Season - Ally and Jacob (featured box)

Kitten Season!

'Tis the season for adoptable kittens. Meet them all - you might just find your match.

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Wise Whiskers - $10 Adoption Fee, Cats 3+

Sure, kittens are cute... but don't overlook some of the wise whiskers looking for a new family. When you adopt an adult cat, you're getting a feline friend who's been around for a while - they know who they are and what they want. And they can't wait to share their personality with you! 

Looking for a chill couch buddy? Wise Whiskers. 
How about a curious play pal? Wise Whiskers. 
Want to give a senior the best home possible? Wise Whiskers. 

Wise Whiskers offers a $10 adoption fee on all cats age 3 and up. 

Meet them now!

He Cared, We Care - Adoptions for Veterans and Active Duty

As part of our commitment to all People + Dogs + Cats in our community, we’re pleased to partner with the Ray Hickey Foundation to support veterans and active-duty personnel.

No-fee adoptions are available on select weekends in 2020. *Due to coronavirus, these weekends provide an adoption voucher for future use in lieu of in-person adoption events. Weekends include:

  • Memorial Day Weekend
  • July 4th Weekend
  • Labor Day Weekend

In addition, every day in 2020, veterans and active-duty military will receive a 25% discount on adoption fees. We are grateful to the Ray Hickey Foundation for making this possible.

*Military ID must be presented at time of adoption. No-fee adoption benefit is limited to one animal per family per year. Valid only for animals intended to reside in the home of the veteran/active duty person. All adopters must have ​collar and leash (dog) or collar and carrier (cat) at the time of adoption. These items may be purchased at the HSSW pet store and receive a 10% military discount. Clark County residents must purchase a license.