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Match Made! What's next?

HSSW wants to help you and your new pet develop a successful relationship. So we've gathered a few tips for bringing a dog or cat into your home.

Tips for dog owners:

Adult dog house training
Adult dogs who mouth and nip
A child's guide to woofs and growls
Destructive chewing
Dog Body Language
How NOT to greet a dog
Introducing a new dog to a resident dog
Introducing a new dog to a resident cat
Puppy biting and mouthing
Puppy crate training
Puppy house training
Puppy socializing
Positive training
Rules of 3 - Bringing home your new dog
Separation anxiety
Submissive urination
Urine marking
Training Resources in our Area
Tug and fetch

Tips for cat owners:

Adopting a fearful cat
Cat Body Language
Cat litter box training
Cat scratching
Enriching your cat's life
Introducing new cat to resident cat
Introducing new cat to resident dog
Rough play
Petting sensitivity
Urine marking