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Doggie Dive Lab

Take the Plunge!

It's a Wet and Wild Time.

What's it like when more than 200 dogs take to the pool in one afternoon? It's a wet and wild time! Each fall, on the last day of outdoor pool season, Lake Shore Athletic Club opens its pool to our community of dog lovers. This event offers something for every dog: seasoned swimmers can fetch and dive in the big pool while small dogs or inexperienced paddlers can take a dip in the wading pool.

Doggie Dive 2021 Cancelled

Due to the predicted inclement weather this weekend, we have decided to cancel this year’s Doggie Dive. We look forward to next year and a warm and sunny day!

Thanks to our event sponsor, Mud Bay, our hosts, Lake Shore Athletic Club, and our wonderful volunteers. See you in 2022!

Questions? Check out our FAQ! 

  • Do I have to keep my dog on leash at the event?

    Yes and no. Doggie Dive functions like a dog park - with a great big pool in the middle. For the safety of your dog and other guests, we request that your dog remain on-leash while you register. Once you're inside the pool area and the gates are closed, let 'em run!

  • How do I register?

    Easy! Just show up on the day of the event and complete a registration form! If you want to save time, you can complete the registration form in advance (because it's hard to fill out a form when you have 3 labs on a leash).

  • Should I bring toys for my dog?

    Lakeshore provides lots of tennis balls for some pool-time fun. If your dog has a preferred toy, you're welcome to bring it. Please only bring toys if your dog doesn't mind sharing. 

  • Can I bring my dog if he's never been swimming?

    Of course! In addition to the big pool, there's a smaller pool for small or nervous dogs or dogs who've never been swimming before. We require that all dogs are willing swimmers. Forcing a nervous or frightened dog into the pool is not allowed. 

  • Will there be people there to help my dog if he has a hard time swimming?

    We don't provide "doggie lifeguards" but we do have volunteers in the pool with the dogs to help them in and out and lend a hand to a dog who might be in need of assistance. If you're unsure of your dog's swimming ability, we recommend starting out in the small pool until your dog feels more comfortable. 

  • Can I swim with my dog?

    As fun as that would be, we ask that non-canine event participants refrain from going in the pool.

  • I don't have a dog, can I just come and watch?

    Unfortunately, no. Due to limited space for the event, we do request that only families bringing their dog attend the event.

  • Are there chemicals in the pool? Will they make my dog sick?

    The pool is treated with standard chemicals to keep it safe and clean. We don't know of any issues of dogs having a bad reaction to the chemicals. We just know they have a great time! If you suspect your dog may have a negative reaction to pool chemicals, it's a good idea to stay home. 

Looking for more information? Contact:

Sam Ellingson
Marketing and Outreach Manager
[email protected]