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Raise the WOOF!

We think the best way to raise funds is to have fun and be you. Whatever you're into, there's a way to turn it into a fundraiser. Love watching reality TV? Have your friends over to watch your fave show, put out some food and drink and ask each friend to donate $15. 

OR try one of these ideas...


  1. Post your fundraising page on Facebook and tag your friends who love animals and are always liking the pictures of your dog or cat. Ask for a little love for the dogs and cats! Don't be afraid to ask twice. People are busy, and want to support you but need a little reminding. 
  2. Email your family members directly and let them know you're on a mission to raise money for the Humane Society. Ask your family to support you. Even if they aren't animal lovers, they love you! :)
  3. Have kiddos? Go door-to-door and ask your neighbors for donations. Use our Donation Tracker to collect cash and check donations. Checks can be made out to HSSW. 
  4. With your co-workers, set up a taco bar lunch (or brunch, or salad bar, or smoothies) and ask your colleagues for $5- $10 in exchange for your delicious efforts.
  5. Call your besties and invite them over for wine, bunco, reality TV or a movie. Provide some snacks and ask for a suggested donation of $25 each. 
  6. Does your spouse hate doing that one thing around the house? "Charge" them a one-time "fee," and do that chore for them this week. Grocery shopping, folding laundry, getting gas, school drop-offs. Pick up one thing they hate doing this week in exchange for a donation to your fundraising page. 
  7. Ask your office manager to have a one-time "bring your pet to work day." Anyone who brings their dog to work contributes $25 to the office team and everyone wins. Studies show we're more productive when we're happy, and our pets make us happy!
  8. Shake your co-workers down for pocket change. Chances are, they have a spare change collection at home that they'd be willing to bring in if you just ask! It worked for us! 
  9. Put together a basket full of goodies (Moscow Mule basket, Legos, lottery tickets, candy) and sell raffle tickets to your child's t-ball moms and dads, your co-workers, friends, clients, neighbors, etc. Charge $5 - $35 a ticket and draw a lucky winner right before the Walk/Run! 
  10. Have a garage sale. Clear out the clutter, give gently-used items a new home and raise money for the dogs and cats! Plus, any leftover items can be donated to ReTails Thrift Store!

Whatever you decide, make sure you HAVE FUN! 



Want to raise support face-to-face and not online*? 

Download our Donation Tracker. Checks can be made out to HSSW. 
Drop-off (Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 6 pm) or mail your Donation Tracker to 

Kyra Phelps
Humane Society for Southwest Washington
1100 NE 192nd Ave
Vancouver, WA 98684

*If you have an online fundraising page and turn in your Donation Tracker sheet with cash and checks, donations will be added to your total in approximately one week. If after one week you don’t see your donations reflected on your page, please contact us.

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Questions? Need help? 
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