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We care for more than 8,000 animals annually and couldn't do it without our incredible volunteers!

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Walk/Run Fundraisers

What you need to know

Walk/Run 2021 - Different style, same mission

Fundraising is even MORE important this year - and if any community can pull together to support the dogs and cats, we know it's YOU!


Tips for Fundraising

Fundraising for Walk/Run for the Animals is not only a great way to support the animals - it's also a lot of fun! Jump down to our tips.

We think the best way to raise funds is to have fun and be you. Are you a go-big person with lots of creativity? Or maybe a straightforward fundraiser who thinks the most effective strategy is to ask your friends directly? Whatever your strategy, the dogs and cats are grateful for every fundraiser.

Download and Share Walk/Run Graphics

Active on social media? Download these graphics to show your support! Use them as a profile photo or add them to your news feed.
More graphics coming soon!

Add some Walk/Run style to your cover photo! 
Cover 1   Cover 2   Cover 3

Make sure all of your emails are sporting some Walk/Run pride with an email signature graphic

Looking for more ideas? Check out the tips below. 

  • Virtual Fundraising Tips

    Easy ways to raise money for the dogs and cats

    1. Tried and true: social media fundraising. This is an easy and accessible option for almost everyone! Post your fundraising page on Facebook and tag your friends who love animals and are always liking the pictures of your dog or cat. Ask for a little love for the dogs and cats! (And don't be afraid to ask twice. People are busy, and want to support you but need a little reminding.)
    2. Email your family members directly and let them know you're on a mission to raise money for the Humane Society. Ask your family to support you. Even if they aren't animal lovers, they love you! :)

    3. Sponsor a pet. The animals of HSSW are the biggest motivator we can think of! And the best news is, even though you can't visit them right now, you still have their photos online! Head over to our adoption pages and find your favorite, furry cuties - right click, copy the photos, then send them out via email, social media, or text message to let your friends know that their donation saves the lives of the animals in the photos! (And don't forget to link to your fundraising page, of course.)

    4. Host a virtual happy hour! Do you miss your happy hour crew? Don't let social distancing hold you back. Set up a virtual happy hour with your friends. Use a service like Zoom or Skype to connect with your friends for a video happy hour. Ask your friends to visit your fundraising page to support the animals.

    5. "Charge" your housemates. Stuck at home? Put your time to good use by offering your skills to your spouse or roommates. Offer to do some extra cleaning, dishes, meal prep, yard work... whatever they hate doing in exchange for a donation to your fundraising page!

    6. Host a raffle. Do you have some serious skills? Put them to work and auction off your wares! Are you a baker? Whip up a dozen cupcakes to auction off to your friends. A painter? Offer a by-request pet portrait service. Do you sew? Sell your stitching skills to your friends mending a tear, stitching buttons, or hemming a pair of pants.

    Looking for more ideas? Download our Fundraising Guide to learn more ways to reach your goal! Many of the ideas are specific to in-person fundraising, but you may be inspired by the information.

    Whatever you decide, make sure you HAVE FUN! 

  • Prizes

    Raise funds, earn prizes! Remember, it's all for the dogs and cats! 

    Prizes will be announced soon! Check back to see the Walk/Run fundraising prizes for 2021.

    • Prizes are awarded to individuals based on individual fundraising efforts.
    • Prizes are cumulative. As you reach a level, you earn that prize, and all the prizes preceding that level.
    • One prize per person, per level.
    • Prizes and sizes are available on a first-come-first-served basis. 
    • Prizes are ordered well in advance of the event, and we make our best guess about how many people will achieve which levels. If we run out, we will provide rainchecks so you can receive your prize at a later date. 

    In order for donations to be counted toward earning prizes, please consider these deadlines:
    Last day to mail in cash/check donations
    April 20
    Last day to drop off cash/checks at HSSW
    April 30

  • Team Information

    You're a powerful lone wolf, we don't doubt it. But think of what you could accomplish with a whole pack!

    We consider a team two or more people who create fundraising pages during or after registration, there is no maximum number of people who can join a team and no limit to what you can achieve together! Any money you raise as an individual contributes to your team total, and you're eligible for individual fundraising prizes AND team prizes.

    Bragging rights galore! Top teams get top recognition. Check out how you can get your team to the top of the Walk/Run leaderboard this year. 

    Most Raised
     - Win the historical team champ trophy (stays with the winner all year) and lead next year’s walk or run. We’ll shout your praises on social media to give you all the gloating power.

    Power Pack
     - Large and in charge, the team with the most registered members will win a year-long ownership of the Pack Power trophy and shout outs on social media.

    Most Spirited
     - Awarded to the most creative and enthusiastic team, this is for the flashiest and most noticed team. Costumes, team chants, giant posters? All welcome. Take home the coveted spirit trophy and show it off at your home or business until Walk/Run 2019. Plus, we’ll publish your awesome antics on social media.

    New Team Incentives
    Create a NEW fundraising team this year and have the chance to win more prizes! A new fundraising team is a team that has not participated in Walk/Run for the Animals fundraising before and includes new, animal-loving fundraisers!

    • The NEW fundraising team that raises the most money will have the entire June issue of Wag dedicated to their team! Wag is HSSW's monthly newsletter. It will showcase your team, your fundraising strategies, and of course, your love for the animals. 
  • Customize My Fundraising Page
    1. Visit the Classy Walk/Run site to login into your profile  Click "LOGIN" in the upper-right corner and use the email and password you created during set up to log in.
    2. Click on the "Go to..." button on the right-hand corner to bring up the drop-down menu and select your fundraising page under "Fundraising Pages" and your page will be brought up. If you created a team, you will also see that listed there. You will be able to edit your team page using the same steps below.
    3. On your page, click the "Manage" button at the top right-hand corner.
    4. If this is your first time editing your page, you will see a few suggestions on what next steps to changing your page are. For example, adding a photo, editing your story, donating to your own page and asking for donations. You can choose to skip these suggestions or use them as a guide to editing your page.
    5. To edit your photo, go to "DETAILS" and click "UPLOAD." From there, you can choose to add whatever profile photo you'd like your donors to see on your fundraising page. 
    6. Write your story. Why do you do Walk/Run? Do you love dogs, cats or both? Are you an adopter? A volunteer? You can even upload photos of you and your pets! To edit your story, click "STORY" in the menu. You can also add updates there for your donors to see your progress. Don't forget to thank them!
    7. Share your page. Copy and paste the URL to your page and include that in the email you send to family and friends or social posts so donations will come directly to your page. You can earn prizes every time you hit a prize level! 
    8. Don't be afraid to follow up after a week. On average, it takes two or three touches, but people love animals and want to support you! Update often and stay on the top of mind. You don't have to ask every time you post, just keep it fun! 

    Download the Fundraising Guide for tips on getting started, to see example social media posts or emails to send your friends and more!

  • Fundraising Guide

    Ready to kick-off your fundraising page? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you reach your goal! Remember, we do it for the dogs and cats! 

    Download the Fundraising Guide for tips on getting started, example social media posts or emails to send your friends and more!

  • Offline Donations


    Want to raise support face-to-face and not online*? 

    Download our Donation Tracker. Checks can be made out to HSSW. 
    Drop-off (Tuesday through Sunday, noon to 6 pm) or mail your Donation Tracker to 

    Kyra Phelps
    Humane Society for Southwest Washington
    1100 NE 192nd Ave
    Vancouver, WA 98684

    *If you have an online fundraising page and turn in your Donation Tracker sheet with cash and checks, donations will be added to your total in approximately one week. If after one week you don’t see your donations reflected on your page, please contact us.

  • FAQ

    Q. I'm having trouble registering myself, my family or my team. What should I do?
    A. Let us know what you're having trouble with by emailing or calling Kyra at [email protected] or 360-213-2614  

    Q. Do I have to raise funds to attend Walk/Run?
    A. No. Your registration fee gives you access to either the walk or the run and the Party in the Park afterward plus a goodie bag, a gift for your dog, and a finisher's medal if you're a runner. We rely on this fundraiser to make more matches and complete more families, but there is no minimum fundraising requirement to attend. Registration fee is required for all walkers and runners - waived for children 12 and under, but we like them to register so we know you are joining us!

    Q. I'd like to start a team. How do I do that?
    A. Awesome! Head over to our registration page!

    Q. I’m having trouble with my fundraising page (creating a fundraising page, joining a team, etc.). What should I do?
    A. If you need a hand, you can reach out to Kyra at [email protected]org or 360-213-2614.

    Q. Can I collect donations offline via cash and checks?
    A. Yes, we welcome you to reach out to friends and family in whatever way is easiest for you. Checks can be made out to Humane Society for Southwest Washington. Download the Offline Donation form to track your donations and drop it off at HSSW before April 30.

    Q. When is the last day to raise money online?
    A. You can collect donations online up to May 4 at 9 am to be eligible for fundraising prizes. You can collect donations after this time, and we so appreciate it if you do; however, these donations will not be counted toward your prizes. Learn more about prize deadlines on the Prizes tab.

    Q. Can I register on the day of the event?
    A. Yes, you can register on-site at Walk/Run. Registration is $55 for walkers on the day of the event, so you can save by registering early!

    Q. Can I register by mail?
    A. Yes, download the Registration Form and mail it to:
    Humane Society for Southwest Washington
    ATTN: Kyra Phelps
    1100 NE 192nd Ave
    Vancouver, WA 98684

Questions? Need help? 
Kyra Phelps
Marketing & Events Coordinator
[email protected]