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Calling all kids

Kids Club is an exciting program for kids grades 3-6 offering exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. Once-monthly sessions include fun, educational lessons, games, activities, crafts, a healthy snack and (of course) some hands-on time with our shelter animals! Club members learn about a variety of different animals, the importance of responsible pet ownership, and discover what it takes to care for more than 8,000 animals annually! Sign your child up now for this exclusive and exciting opportunity! 

Details below, or check out our FAQ

Thank you to program sponsor, Beaches Restaurant and Bar

Registration for 2018/19 Kids Club available August 6th.

Check out Discover Camp for summer education and fun with the dogs and cats! 





Q. What will my kids do at Kids Club? 
A. Kids Club is all about animals so we'll spend lots of time with them. Each evening starts with a hello to the dogs and cats and, when possible, we have a classroom pet join us.

Q. What is an average session like? 
A. Great question! Each Kids Club session begins with time saying hello to the dogs and cats. Then we head back to the classroom for education and a craft project.

Q. Do the kids get to spend time with animals? 
A. Of course! Every day starts with a "hello" to our shelter animals and many of our lessons involve interactions with animals as well. When possible, we also have a dog or cat (or special guest animals) join us in the classroom.  

Q. What should my child bring? 
A. Just themselves! We provide a healthy snack option and all the necessary materials. 

Q. How many kids are in the program? 
A. To ensure a quality learning environment, group size is limited to 20 in each session.

Q. This is like volunteering, right? 
A. Not quite. Our volunteer opportunities for youth start at age 14 with our Teen Volunteer Program. Kids Club is an education program and kids will have lots of fun while learning about HSSW, but it's not volunteering.

Q. I have more questions... what should I do? 
A. For more information contact:

Sam Ellingson
Outreach and Strategic Partnerships Coordinator
[email protected]