Food Donations

Support dogs and cats in need with a donation of pet food! Your donation means full bellies and happy pets.

Youth Education

Kids + Dogs + Cats

Inspiring a Humane Generation

Teaching kids about compassion for animals is important. At HSSW, we're inspiring a humane generation with programs and projects to get kids involved. 

Education Programs

Camps and Classes - Even the youngest members of our community can make a difference in the lives of the dogs and cats in our care. Our humane education programs are available for kids grades 3-8 and include both summer and school-year programs.

Classroom Programs - We can take our show on the road with these important classroom programs. From preschool to 4th grade, these programs help kids stay safe when interacting with animals. 

Ready to learn more about these programs? Get registration information, dates, details and more. 

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Adoption Workshop

Looking to adopt? If you want to get the whole family together to learn about adoption, check out Ready, Set, Go, Adopt Like a Pro

Projects for Kids

From food drives to crafts, kids of all ages can support the animals of the Humane Society for Southwest Washington. Check out projects for kids that benefit the dogs and cats in our care.

Printable Handouts

Staying safe around pets is important! These handouts are a great way to teach kids at home or in the classroom.

Coloring Sheets - A fun, educational, and crafty way to teach kids about safe interactions with animals. Grab the markers and print off a coloring sheet to teach your child about Responsible Pet Ownership and How to Greet a Dog

Body Language - Help your child learn what a dog or cat is saying with their body! Dog Body Language and Cat Body Language flyers can help kids stay safe interacting with pets. 

Safe Interaction with Pets - Knowing how to greet and interact with pets is important. Polite people-manners often translate to polite dog-manners. Common Sense Dog Interaction can be easy!

Thank you to program sponsor, Banfield Pet Hospital for supporting our youth programs!