Adoptable Kittens

Fuzzy and full of love

The kittens below are available for adoption or "pre-adoption" depending on their age. Pre-adopting places a paid-hold on a kitten who will then remain in foster until old enough to be altered, vaccinated and adopted. The kittens below may not be at our Adoption Center. Please review the details and description for any kittens you may be interested in adopting. While our website presents the most up-to-date information possible, we recommend calling 360.693.4746 to confirm availability.

Kittens are very popular and adopted quickly. If you are interested in adopting a kitten listed here, we strongly suggest reviewing the information below. 

Early Arrival for Adoptions

  • Early Arrival for Adoptions

    Families interested in adopting an available puppy, kitten, or adult animal may consider an early arrival on the day they intend to adopt. Adopters are encouraged to arrive as early as possible and form a line at the front door to increase their chances of adopting their desired animal. We cannot estimate an arrival time to ensure first-in-line status. 

    • Daily, at 10:00 am, adoption staff will distribute “pick of the litter” cards to individuals waiting to adopt, in the order of arrival. This card allows the holder to select a puppy or kitten from the litter (or reserve their place to meet the adult dog or cat). Cards are distributed in the order in which families arrived that morning. 
    • Visitation of animals is not available until the Adoption Center opens that day (check our hours of operation).
    • This process applies only to animals who are currently available - or will be available on the day of arrival - at our Adoption Center. Off-site adoption events cannot accommodate a preference for early arrivals.

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We do not have any animals of this type currently. Please check back later.