Financial Support

Financial Support

Resources for Animals in Need

Funding from local clinics and services are available on a limited basis. HSSW cannot guarantee coverage from any of the services listed below. Please contact the listed services directly for more information. 

DoveLewis Velvet Assistance Fund

DoveLewis can treat animals from low-income families and stray, wild and abused animals. Qualifications are as follows:
Cases must be emergencies.

  • A DoveLewis veterinarian must examine the patient and confirm without diagnostic testing that the animal has a good prognosis without fatal injuries or unrecoverable symptoms.
  • Common examples of conditions that are covered by the Velvet Assistance Fund are: eye ulcers, lacerations, abscesses
  • You must state a financial need.
  • You must apply for CareCredit first, a financing company offered to people who don’t have a credit card available to them. If you are approved, the full limit must be used before additional financial aid is applied.
  • If your CareCredit limit is exhausted or you are declined CareCredit coverage, up to $750 from the Velvet Assistance Fund will be applied to your pet’s balance.


CareCredit is a no/low interest credit card which can be used on medical, dental, and veterinary services. In order to use this service, you must apply for a card over the phone or online.

The Magic Bullet Foundation

The Magic Bullet Foundation is dedicated to providing financial assistance for dogs that are diagnosed with cancer. Apply online to see if you qualify.

Red Rover Relief Grants

Red Rover’s Grant plan offers assistance up to $200 for urgent veterinary care for animals who are currently spayed or neutered. They also offer other services such as safe housing for the animals of people suffering from domestic violence as well as help during natural disasters.
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