Pet Food Support

Sometimes you just need a little help to make ends meet. CHOW is program for  families in need of temporary assistance with pet food. Support is provided in once-monthly food distributions. CHOW is driven entirely by donations from our community and provides meaningful support to more than 850 families in Southwest Washington.

Due to COVID-19 in our community, CHOW is no longer restricted to low-income families. Currently, CHOW is available to any family or individual in need of pet food assistance.  

Program Registration and Pick Up

To register for CHOW: enrollment for CHOW should be completed via email. To enroll, please email [email protected] stating your need. A staff member will return your message as soon as possible. Or you may register on-site when you arrive to pick up food.

To pick up CHOW food (for families already registered): Please arrive at the Animal Admissions door (on the south side of the building). Knock or ring the bell when you arrive and a member of our staff will assist you. Masks and social distancing are required when picking up food for your pet(s). 

CHOW Distribution Event 

We know it may not be easy for everyone to get to the shelter to pick up food from our Chow program. We also know there’s a big need right now. So, we are taking our program on the road to better serve our community. If you or someone you know needs cat or dog food, join us for a one-day distribution event and pick-up a free bag:

ReTails Thrift Store (parking lot)
5000 East Fourth Plain Boulevard


*Please check back for future distribution dates*


How many animals can be enrolled from  a single household? 

While there is no set limit to the number of animals that the program can support in a single household, CHOW is a service provided only for the owned pets of a qualifying family. It is not intended to feed stray or community pets. 

What type/brand of food is provided? 

CHOW food comes from many sources including food drives, local pet-food retailers and vendors, and donations from individuals. HSSW is grateful to our community for supporting this important program. Because CHOW distribution is dependent on donations, food supplies can rarely sustain a consistent supply of food of the same brand. Animals dependent on medical or specialty foods (for diabetes, obesity, allergies, etc.) are not well suited for CHOW. 

Other Pet Food Resources in our Community

HSSW cannot guarantee availability through these programs and families interested in support are encouraged to inquire directly with the partner program. 

  • More Resources

    Clark County Food Bank

    HSSW regularly supplies food donations to our partners at Clark County Food Bank. CCFB provides food distribution for people (and pets when possible) at sites throughout our community. Please visit their website for locations. Pet food distribution cannot be guaranteed.


    Animeals is a service provided by Second Chance Companions to seniors, disabled, and needy individuals in Clark County Washington. More information including enrollment and ways to support the program are available on their website.

For additional questions, please contact:

Community Program Team 
[email protected]