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HSSW Impact Report

Learn more about the many ways HSSW supports the pets and people in our community.

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Emergency Boarding

Temporary shelter and foster resources for pets in need.

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Rehoming Support

Finding the best home for your pet

We understand that sometimes families must make the difficult decision to find a new home for their pet. Unexpected changes in our lives - such as illness, death, or relocation - can make providing for one's pet impossible. To learn more about how HSSW can support rehoming your pet, please read below.  

Register with Home to Home

The first step to rehoming your pet is to register them with Home to Home pet placement service. Your pet must be listed with Home to Home for a minimum of 14 days prior to requesting additional placement assistance from HSSW. 

Shelters can be a stressful place for animals. That's why we've partnered with Home to Home to provide rehoming options that help keep pets out of the shelter, reducing stress and anxiety for both pets and families. Home to Home helps pet owners find the best possible home and family for their pet. And it's also beneficial for adopters, allowing them to meet adoptable pets and learn about their personality and preferences in their home where they're most comfortable. Home to Home is free for both pet owners and adopters.

Visit the HSSW Home to Home listing to see other pets listed with the service and see what your pet's listing will look like.

Register your Pet

Make an Appointment

If your pet has been listed with Home to Home for a minimum of fourteen days and you require additional rehoming assistance, please make an appointment. Making an appointment allows us to be prepared to best support you and your pet. HSSW admission of owner-released pets is currently limited to emergency-only placement in order to best support the needs of the animals in our community and in our care

To make an appointment, please email [email protected] or 360.213.2621.

  • A $50 fee applies when surrendering your pet. These fees help us provide care, shelter, and food to your pet while he or she is in our care. 
  • If your animal is coming from out of state, he or she must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection and proof of current Rabies vaccination. Washington State law prohibits us from accepting animals without this documentation.

Additional Rehoming Resources

If you prefer to not surrender your pet, there are rehoming resources available in our community. Click here for more information.

For additional questions, please contact:

Community Solutions Team 
[email protected] or 360.213.2621