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Adoption Information

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Adoption Events and Promotions

You can't put a price tag on love, but we are happy to offer promotions for reduced-fee adoptions when possible. If you're looking for your new, furry family member, check out our current promotions. 

  • Discounts for Military Service

    It's our way of thanking those who have sacrificed. Every day, active-duty and veterans of US Military service receive 25% off adoption fees. We are grateful to the Ray Hickey Foundation for making this program possible.

Paws-itive Start Packs

These packs are loaded with items to help your pet transition into their new home. You'll find food, treats, toys, and more! Valued at more than $150, these kits are available for only $65. 

Dog/Puppy Kit

1 bag of Purina dog/puppy food, healthy treats, feeding mat, Adaptil Calm Pheromone Spray, toys for enrichment and exercise, dental/teething toy, training potty pads, poop bags and dispenser, access to training webinar and puppy socialization app, and more! 

Cat/Kitten Kit

1 bag of Purina cat/kitten food, healthy treats, feeding mat, Feliway Calm Pheromone Spray, toys for enrichment and exercise, catnip, scratch pad, 1 bag of litter, litter box scoop, CatAttract Litter Additive, and more!

For more information or questions about these products, please visit the shelter or contact us.


Adoption Information

Looking for more general information about adoptions at HSSW? Check out the information below!

  • Adoption Fees

    Adoption fees vary based on factors like an animal's age, breed, and medical/health history. Premium adoption fees may apply to some animals.


    Kittens (under 6 months) - $180
    Youth (6 months-2 years) - $80
    Adult (3-6 years) - $50
    Senior (7+ years) - $25


    Puppies (under 6 months) - $400-$600
    Youth (6 months-2 years) - $250-$400
    Adult (3-6 years) - $150-$300
    Senior (7+ years) - $50-$100


    All ages - $45 and $70 for bonded pair

    Guinea Pigs

    All ages - $25

  • Adoption Holds

    Adoption Holds are available for families needing additional time to consider if an animal is right for their home, or for those who need to arrange a time to bring their dog to the Adoption Center for an adoption social with the whole family.

    Adoption holds are a non-refundable $25 fee. This fee is valid until 5:30 the following business day and cannot be applied to the cost of adoption. Holds are only available for families who have already met with the animal they intend to adopt. Puppies and kittens do not qualify for adoption holds.

  • Who should meet my new pet?

    When you adopt a pet, it's important to make sure the whole family can meet them. Of course, we also want to make sure this is a process that reduces stress and anxiety. If you have a dog at home, our staff and volunteers will facilitate an adoption social with your dog and the dog you intend to adopt. Please do not bring your dog with you into the adoptable animal spaces with you when you visit HSSW.

    We do not offer cat-to-cat introductions, rabbit-to-rabbit introductions, or interspecies introductions. Instead, our team will provide helpful guides and information on how to safely introduce your pets in their new home. 

  • What's included in Adoption?
    • Spay or neuter surgery. It's part of our commitment to reducing the population of unwanted and homeless animals. 
    • Microchip ID and national registration. Microchips are registered and updated with current contact information at the time of adoption. This information can be updated at any time by creating an account on the website for the pet's microchip.  
    • Select vaccinations. Vaccinations need to be updated regularly as instructed by your family vet. All pets are vaccinated prior to adoption and a vaccine history will be provided at the time of adoption.  
    • Coupons for treats, toys and more! As part of our partnership with Mud Bay, all adopters receive coupons for use at their local store.
  • Items Required for Adoption

    Adopters will also be asked to purchase a few necessary items before leaving with their new family member. These items include a collar and leash for dogs and a carrier for cats.

    Animal licenses are required at the time of adoption and are not included in adoption fees. Licensing fees vary according to the county or jurisdiction in which you reside. Clark County residents may learn more about licensing fees

  • Where Do the Animals Come From?

    Many of our pets are from right here in our community. They may be stray or lost, or surrendered by a family who could no longer care for them. But many of our animals (usually dogs, but also some cats) arrive at HSSW through our transport program! HSSW has partnerships with many shelters in our area, around the country, and even some contacts internationally. 

    Transporting animals provides an opportunity to find homes for many animals from shelters who are overcrowded and cannot care for them. We're grateful for the opportunity to provide a second chance to these animals in need. 

  • Breed Requests

    We are unable to offer reservations or requests to be notified when specific breeds of dogs or cats become available for adoption. Adopters interested in a specific breed of animal are encouraged to monitor our website daily. 

Contact our team at [email protected]