We're proud to be named Best Pet Adoption service in Best of Clark County for five years running. 

Each year, thousands of pets in our community receive care at HSSW. We provide shelter to lost and stray pets, a refuge from abuse and neglect, essential medical care, and a second chance for a happy home. And our commitment to the pets and people of Southwest Washington extends beyond the shelter, providing critical support to pets and families with Wellness Clinics, pet food assistance, spay/neuter, emergency boarding, financial assistance, and other programs that help keep families together.

We also own and operate ReTails Thrift Store – named best of Clark County seven years running! Giving new life to gently-used items, every purchase and donation at ReTails supports our lifesaving work with the animals.

Our Mission

rescue • return  restore  rehome  reconnect one animal at a time

Our Vision

A community where everyone loves and cares for animals

Who We Are

Founded in 1897, the Humane Society for Southwest Washington is the oldest and largest animal welfare organization in Southwest Washington. Learn more about us.

  • Our Values

    Compassion | the desire to take action to relieve suffering

    Collaboration | working with others to produce, create, or achieve a common goal

    Excellence | the quality of being outstanding

    Service | helping or doing work for others; providing aid

    Integrity | being honest & having strong moral principles; the state of being whole & undivided

  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility

    HSSW is committed to an environment that welcomes and values all people. We believe we will be more successful in achieving our mission and vision when we seek out and respond to diversity, honoring the strengths, needs, voices, and backgrounds of all members of our staff, volunteers, workforce partners, donors, supporters and our community.

    See our full DEIA statement.


  • Does HSSW receive funding from Humane Society of the United States?

    HSSW is a private nonprofit, operating independently of other shelters and animal welfare groups. We do not receive any federal, state, or government funding and we do not receive a portion of any donations paid to national animal welfare organizations. 

    We rely on the support of donors, grants, and our own fundraising in order to provide lifesaving care and shelter to pets in our community. The Humane Society for Southwest Washington receives no funding from the Humane Society for the United States. We rely on donations from our community. All funds donated to HSSW stay in our community. Learn more about our funding.

  • Is HSSW a no-kill shelter?

    In the animal welfare industry, a "no-kill" designation is achieved by a shelter with a save rate of 90% or higher. While we meet the threshold for a no-kill designation, HSSW does not refer to itself as a "no-kill" shelter because the term does not accurately reflect the realities of caring for pets in a shelter environment. The designation no-kill does not mean no euthanasia.

    As a shelter that accepts companion animals from the community and animal control agencies, HSSW receives pets in many conditions. While most pets are medically and behaviorally healthy and can be placed into our adoption program immediately, others require medical treatment, foster care, or behavior rehabilitation. Other animals received by HSSW may be critically injured or behaviorally unsuitable for adoption. We devote time and resources to the care for each animal. There are no limits on how long an animal can stay with us, and we do not euthanize for space.

    We believe in providing the same standard of care that an owner would want for their personal pet. In some instances, euthanasia is the humane option for pets who do not have a path to adoption. We only consider euthanasia for animals too sick for treatment or rehabilitation or those deemed behaviorally unsuitable for adoption. You can learn more by visiting our statistics page. HSSW is proud to be a partner in making the Vancouver area one of the safest communities for pets. 

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Stories of people, pets, and the lifesaving work of HSSW

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Our Impact

Our work and its impact on the animals in our community and the people they love.

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Our Team

The leadership at HSSW who make our lifesaving work happen.

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Financials and Funding

Statistics, funding and financials for our work. All the fine print.

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Sponsors and Partners

We have an amazing community of supporters. We can't do it without them.

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Media and Press

Catch up on the latest news and updates on the people and pets of HSSW.

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Working at HSSW is the hardest job you'll ever love.

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Hours and Location

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