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Show 'em some love

Food drives make a big difference for the dogs and cats. Not only for the pets staying in our shelter, but also for animals of low-income families in our community! We accept many brands and types of food. Our CHOW program provides access to monthly pet food supplies to the pets of families in need. 

The Spring Food Drive is here! Shop a participating location March 1-30 to support the animals in our care! 
Thank you to the following partners for hosting our Spring Food Drive

All Natural Pet Supply
Natural Pet NW
Orchards Feed
Pet Pros
Woodin You/Pampered Paws


Want to start your own drive? Check our FAQ!

Interested in supporting kittens in need? We can always use our "big 3":

Wet food (pate-style please)
Cat and/or kitten dry food
Kitten Milk Replacer (KMR)

Questions? Take a look below for more information. Still unsure? Contact Us!

Q. What types of food do you accept? 
A. We feed the animals in our care high-quality foods which meet the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards for complete and balanced nutrition. Preferred brands are: Acana, Kirkland, Diamond, Nature's Recipe, Nutro, Natural Balance, Canidae, Pure Vita, Orijen, and Solid Gold. But there are many brands of great quality foods available. Unsure? Check in with your local family-owned pet food store to see what they might recommend. 

Q. Who can host a drive?
A. Almost anyone! Previous drives have included banks, fast-food restaurants, summer education programs, state agencies and veterinary hospitals. It’s a great way to engage our community and an excellent project for kids who want to help.

Q. Where should I purchase the food? 
A. Great question! Check out our local partners - they'll be happy to help! Many of our partners are small or locally-owned businesses. When you purchase from them, you're supporting your community TWICE!

Q. Where else can I donate?
A. Most of our barrels are on the move, but you can donate during business hours at the following locations in Vancouver:

HSSW Adoption Center-Shelter, 1100 NE 192nd Ave
ReTails Thrift Store, 5000 NE 4th Plain Blvd
All Natural Pet Supply3425 SE 192nd Ave #108 & 10501 NE Hwy 99 #39
Columbia River Veterinary Specialists6607 NE 84th St #109
East Mill Plain Animal Hospital VCA416 NE 112th Ave

Q. How do I get started on my own food drive?
A. Just give us a call! Our staff will help go over important information for your food drive. We'll work with you to create marketing materials for your drive and reserve a food drive barrel for you (if available). 

Spreading the word about your food drive is important. Here are some easy, downloadable files that can help! You can add the dates of your drive, organization name, or just leave them blank. 


Q. Does all of the food get used for the dogs and cats and the shelter? 
A. When possible, we also provide food to families in need. As part of our CHOW program, limited amounts of food are made available to low income families. Additionally, in partnership with Clark County Food Bank we provide limited supplies of pet food to be distributed at local food pantries. Both of these programs rely solely on donations from our community and are only available when supplies allow. 

Q. Are homemade treats acceptable?
A. Food purchased from a reputable retailer is preferred. Unfortunately, we cannot accept homemade treats. 

Q. Will you accept open bags of food?
A. Sure! The bags should be closed securely with packing tape or other method to avoid spilling.

Q. Do you accept pet items other than food?
A. Yes. New or gently used items such as leashes, collars, toys, beds, etc can be a big support for our animals. Items that are soiled or damaged cannot be accepted; used items MUST be clean. Items that are clean and in saleable condition be sold in our thrift store (the proceeds of which go to support our animals.) Our golden rule: If you would give it to a friend, we can use it to help our dogs and cats.

Q. Do you accept medications or supplements?
A. HSSW cannot accept the donation of any prescription medications. Supplements, treatments and medications should not be collected as part of a food drive.

To get started with your food drive, contact us:

Youth groups, scouts and schools: 
Radhika Raj | 360-693-4746 x6068 or [email protected]

Businesses and service organizations:
Sam Ellingson | 360-213-2626 or [email protected]