A black and white dog with his mouth open, laying on a green and black blanket

A Holiday Rescue for 18 Dogs

December 20, 2022

In the early morning hours of December 8 two HSSW volunteers embarked on a six-hour drive through winter weather, over snowy mountain passes. They were California bound on a rescue mission to help eighteen dogs find new homes for the holidays.

Among the precious cargo awaiting the transport team were several small dogs including a shy and scruffy terrier named Buck; Dina, a happy and snuggly chihuahua; a smiling black and white dog called Oreo; and an older (and very pregnant) dog named Tabitha. Transports are a regular occurrence for HSSW, but with the holiday season and the number of dogs (and the undeniable similarity between our big, red transport van and Santa’s sleigh), a transport like this was particularly special.

A scruffy dog, looking off to the right

Arriving after midnight, the dogs were welcomed to HSSW with healthy food, warm beds, tasty treats, and unconditional love. Within hours, Tabitha was safe and warm in the home of an HSSW foster, where she could rest until she was ready to have her puppies. The long journey had ended for these 18 lucky dogs, and their path to happy, loving homes had just begun.

Within just a few days, several of the dogs had already found their new homes. And the others will be ready for adoption once they receive the medical care and behavioral support they need. These dogs have received the second chance they deserve.

For thousands of animals each year – those seeking shelter from abuse and neglect, in need of behavioral support and medical care, and seeking a second chance for a happy home – HSSW is a lifesaving pathway. Your unwavering dedication to the animals makes our work possible. Thanks to you, we can be here to provide the comfort and joy all animals deserve.

This holiday season you can help pets just like these dogs find shelter, medical care, and a home for the holidays. And today, your generosity will go twice as far thanks to the Ray Hickey Foundation Holiday Challenge Match. Your kindness will make twice the difference for pets and the people who love them.

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