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Classes and Education

Training for both ends of the leash

Whether you're teaching an old dog some new tricks, starting a new pet out on the right paw, or want to learn more about pet behavior, we're here to help. In addition to in-person classes, HSSW partners with GoodPup to offer on-demand virtual training with professional trainers from the comfort of your own home. (Click here to jump to virtual training)

Classes at HSSW

Offered in small groups for a more personalized learning experience, classes at HSSW are presented by our team of trained professionals. With years of experience working with shelter pets, our team understands the behavioral and training needs necessary to help an adopted pet thrive in their new home. 

Canine Body Language

No upcoming classes - please check back

Understanding canine body language is the first step in a more harmonious relationship with your dog. And when we understand what our dogs are saying with their bodies, we can help them more comfortably navigate our human world and prevent the occurrence of unwanted behavior. 

In this course, HSSW staff will help you:

  • gain an in-depth understanding of dog-to-person canine communication 
  • examine how canine emotions drive behavior
  • explore emotion as the root cause of most canine behavior
  • better understand the rich emotional needs of your dog

This is a class for people only - no pets, please. Class size limited to 20 individuals.

Virtual Training with GoodPup

Dogs often learn best in a comfortable, familiar environment. And we know that pet owners need training options that work for them. To help our community of pet owners access training on demand, HSSW has partnered with the professionals at GoodPup to offer comprehensive and accessible one-on-one training with a certified trainer. Sessions are entirely virtual and performed through the GoodPup app or website and can be scheduled at your convenience.

When you register for GoodPup at this link, you'll receive your first week free and 10% off for life. And best of all, when you register through the link, GoodPup will make a donation to HSSW. 

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GoodPup offers training for dogs of all ages and class topics include help with potty training, basic commands, skills to avoid and resolve unwanted behavior, and more!

Looking for more?

Check out our behavior resources for dogs and cats. These guides can help ensure your pet's transition to their new home is as easy as possible, and also help prevent or resolve common unwanted behaviors in the home.