A Loving Home for Sadie Mae

April 24, 2024

Sadie Mae was found wearing a harness and unable to bear weight on her right front leg. It was unclear what conditions led to her being abandoned, but it was clear that Sadie Mae needed immediate care for her injured leg.

Thanks to your support, pets like Sadie Mae can find the care they need at HSSW. Whether they’re seeking urgent medical treatment, fleeing abuse and neglect, or lost and looking for their family, your generosity ensures we are here for them every day

X-rays revealed Sadie Mae had a small fracture in her leg. She was otherwise healthy, and our team was hopeful a splint would heal the fracture. Sadie Mae would need weeks of reduced activity to recover, but reducing the activity levels for a young border collie mix is easier said than done. She was becoming anxious and stressed – chewing at her splint and growing increasingly rambunctious. Her fracture hadn’t healed correctly, putting her at risk of a more serious injury in the future. Our team decided the only option was to amputate her injured leg. 

Sadie Mae recovered well from her surgery and was eager to return to an active dog lifestyle. With the guidance of our veterinary team and patient support of our staff and volunteers, Sadie Mae was quickly adjusting to life on three legs.

“We first saw Sadie Mae on the HSSW Facebook page,” said Jan Smith. “We went to HSSW to meet her and knew instantly that she was the dog for us. She ran to us immediately and rolled over on her back to have her tummy and chest rubbed. We took her home that day.”

Jan and her husband Gary gave her the support and space she needed to acclimate to her new home and Sadie Mae was thriving. She was learning basic commands, taking long walks, and bringing smiles of joy to the many people she met in her neighborhood. For Jan and Gary, Sadie Mae is a constant and loving companion.

Soon, Sadie Mae found a new purpose at home. Jan had been using a walker following surgery to replace both of her hips. And through the whole process, Sadie Mae was by her side.

“She stayed by my side and has been the perfect nurse. She shows us endless love and brings joy to our lives every day. We love her dearly.”

Your support made it possible for us to provide the lifesaving surgery Sadie Mae needed. And she is just one of thousands of pets who find their second chance at HSSW every year because of donors like you.

Please make a gift today to ensure pets in our community can find the love and support they deserve.

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