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Making a Difference

For the people and pets in our community

Community Impact

At HSSW, we are committed to ending the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals. See the reports below for more information about our save rate and the lifesaving impact of our work in the community. 

2023 Annual Report
2023 Impact Report and Animal Statistics

Path Forward 2025

The work of animal shelters in our community is changing. Increasingly, the people and pets of Southwest Washington are in need of services that extend beyond the walls of the shelter. Our Path Forward 2025 is a three-year plan to prioritize our work and achieve our vision of a community where everyone loves and cares for animals. 

 View our Path Forward 2025 plan.

Our Partnerships

At HSSW, we believe that the people and animals in our community benefit when animal welfare groups work together to make our region the safest for pets in our country. We're proud to be founding members of the following cooperative networks in Southwest Washington and the Portland Metro Area.

Humane Southwest Network

The Humane Southwest Network consists of the three humane societies (Cowlitz County, West Columbia Gorge, and HSSW) that provide animal welfare services in Southwest Washington. Together, we a network dedicated to raising the standards of care for animals in our region. By working together we can create greater efficiencies, be more highly effective, and serve as better and stronger advocates for animals and their families.

The HSN is committed to protecting the health of shelter populations, ensuring quality shelter medical services, minimizing average length of stay, and providing assistance in the event of an emergency.

Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland

The greater Portland Oregon metro area served by the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland (ASAP) spans four counties (Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington in Oregon and Clark in Washington), 2 states and 3,673 square miles.

All ASAP founding organizations are committed to working together to save lives. Our projects are focused on reducing euthanasia in our shelters by decreasing the intake of animals, transferring “at risk” animals between shelters and increasing adoptions. Discover our current and future initiatives to improve the lives of animals throughout the Portland metro Area.