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The Adoption Process

Ready to find your new family member? That's our favorite part of the day! At HSSW, you'll find a variety of dogs, cats, and rabbits just waiting for a family like you. Adoptable animal spaces are open for visitation daily from 2:00-6:00, no appointments necessary.

Please review the information below to learn more about our adoption process.

Adopting In-Person

In-person adoptions are available for most animals at HSSW. Some animals may have special placement needs, requiring a consultation with our staff or volunteer before they can be adopted. Learn more about the adoption process and special placement animals below. 

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    Step One: Viewing the Animals

    Families arriving to view adoptable animals are asked to sign in at the adoption counter and may then proceed to the adoptable animal spaces. Families who already know the animal(s) they would like to meet may proceed directly to the adoption counter for the next available Adoption Counselor. Some animals on the adoption floor may be in the process of being adopted. Animals who are unavailable will have a sign on their kennel noting their status. Please note: Owned animals are not permitted in our adoptable animal spaces.

    Step Two: Meeting the Animals

    Families who are interested in adopting may request to meet up to two dogs or cats during their visit. Adoption socials are coordinated by HSSW staff and volunteers. Due to available space, families meeting the animals will be limited to three individuals.

    Step Three: Submitting an Application

    Families adopting in-person must submit an application via our online adoption portal. This can be done on-site with a smartphone or tablet. An HSSW tablet will be made available for adopters who do not have a device to complete their application. To adopt an animal, you must be 18 or older. 

    Scheduling Animal Socials

    If a dog is being adopted by a family with other dogs at home, an adoption social is required. This helps us make sure the adoptable dog will be a good fit for their new housemates. These socials will be scheduled by our Adoption Team after you have completed an adoption application.

    Meeting Special Placement Animals

    Some animals may have placement needs that require a consultation with a member of our Behavior Team. In these instances, an online application must be submitted prior to visiting the shelter. A member of our team will contact you to schedule a time to meet the adoptable animal and learn more about their placement needs.  

Adopting Online

Our online adoption process offers a convenient and simple adoption experience. The process differs for dogs and cats, so please review the information below. 

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    Cat, Kitten and Rabbit Adoptions

    Cat, kitten, and rabbit adoptions can be completed entirely online. Adopters can view all available animals and when they find their perfect match, simply click the “adopt me” button on the profile of the animal they would like to adopt.

    Adopters will complete their application online by clicking the "adopt me" button on the animal's profile. Once complete, the application will be submitted to our staff and automated updates on the adoption process will be sent to the adopter via email. If the adoption is approved, our team will contact the adopter to arrange an appointment to pick up their new family member. Adoption fees will be paid through our secure, online portal. This process does not include an opportunity to meet prior to adoption.

    Dog and Puppy Adoptions

    Dog and puppy adoptions require an adoption social with the family members and any other dogs who may be living in the home. Families who begin the adoption process online can complete much of the in-person adoption process before visiting the Adoption Center.

    Individuals who wish to adopt a dog online may click on the “adopt me” button on the profile of the animal they would like to adopt. Once the application has been completed, it will be reviewed by a member of our team. If approved, the family will be contacted to arrange an adoption social and complete the adoption process if applicable.

    Please note: in-person applicants are given preference over online applicants. Families with a vested interest in adopting a dog should consider in-person adoption.

Adoption Events and Promotions

You can't put a price tag on love, but we are happy to offer promotions for reduced-fee adoptions when possible. If you're looking for your new, furry family member, check out our current promotions. 

  • Current Promotions

    Discounts for Military Service

    It's our way of thanking those who have sacrificed. Every day, active-duty and veterans of US Military service receive 25% off adoption fees. We are grateful to the Ray Hickey Foundation for making this program possible. 

Adoption Information

Looking for more general information about adoptions at HSSW? Check out the information below!

  • Adoption Fees

    Adoption fees vary based on factors like an animal's age, breed, and medical/health history. Premium adoption fees may apply to some animals.


    Kittens (under 6 months) - $180
    Youth (6 months-2 years) - $80
    Adult (3-6 years) - $50
    Senior (7+ years) - $25


    Puppies (under 6 months) - $400-$600
    Youth (6 months-2 years) - $250-$400
    Adult (3-6 years) - $150-$300
    Senior (7+ years) - $50-$100


    All ages - $25

  • Adoption Holds

    Adoption Holds are available for families needing additional time to consider if an animal is right for their home, or for those who need to arrange a time to bring their dog to the Adoption Center for an adoption social with the whole family.

    Adoption holds are a non-refundable $25 fee. This fee is valid until 5:30 the following business day and cannot be applied to the cost of adoption. Holds are only available for families who have already met with the animal they intend to adopt. Puppies and kittens do not qualify for adoption holds.

  • What's included in Adoption?
    • Spay or neuter surgery. It's part of our commitment to reducing the population of unwanted and homeless animals. 
    • Microchip ID and national registration. Microchips are registered and updated with current contact information at the time of adoption. This information can be updated at any time by creating an account on the website for the pet's microchip.  
    • Select vaccinations. Vaccinations need to be updated regularly as instructed by your family vet. All pets are vaccinated prior to adoption and a vaccine history will be provided at the time of adoption.  
    • Complimentary veterinary exam with a local participating veterinarian. All families receive options for follow-up care with a local veterinarian covering basic exams and wellness checks. More information on these services will be provided at the time of adoption. 
    • Animal training information. HSSW offers training classes for dogs at discounted rates for adopters.  
    • Coupons for treats, toys and more! As part of our partnership with Mud Bay, all adopters receive coupons for use at their local store. 
    • Registration with Finding Rover. Finding Rover is a facial recognition software that can help locate your pet if it goes missing. Your pet is automatically registered at the time of adoption. 
  • Items Required for Adoption

    Adopters will also be asked to purchase a few necessary items before leaving with their new family member. These items include a collar and leash for dogs and a carrier for cats.

    Animal licenses are required at the time of adoption and are not included in adoption fees. Licensing fees vary according to the county or jurisdiction in which you reside. Clark County residents may learn more about licensing fees

  • Where Do the Animals Come From?

    Many of our pets are from right here in our community. They may be stray or lost, or surrendered by a family who could no longer care for them. But many of our animals (usually dogs, but also some cats) arrive at HSSW through our transport program! HSSW has partnerships with many shelters in our area, around the country, and even some contacts internationally. 

    Transporting animals provides an opportunity to find homes for many animals from shelters who are overcrowded and cannot care for them. We're grateful for the opportunity to provide a second chance to these animals in need. 

  • Breed Requests

    We are unable to offer reservations or requests to be notified when specific breeds of dogs or cats become available for adoption. Adopters interested in a specific breed of animal are encouraged to monitor our website daily. 

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