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It's a family kind of thing

We're trained in the art of matchmaking and will work with you to make sure you find a match that suits your lifestyle. 

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Adoption Process 
Adoption Fees 
Additional Information
Kitten, Puppy, and "High Profile" Adoptions

Some animals already have a jump start on their training through our Larch Pet Training Camp. Learn more


So what should you expect when you're expecting (to adopt)? Check out the information below to learn more about our adoption process. 

To adopt an animal, you must be at least 18 years of age. Some animals may have specific adoption requirements or restrictions. 

1. Browse our website to view adoptable dogs and cats. Our website is updated several times throughout the day. If you have any questions about the availability of an animal, you can call us at 360.693.4746.

2. Complete an application. Before meeting an animal, we request all families complete an application for adoption. This ensures we have all the information we need to make sure we've found the best possible match - both for the family and the dog or cat. Save time by completing an adoption application for dogs or an adoption application for cats and bring it with you when you visit.

3. Meet the dog or cat. Visit the Adoption Center during regular business hours (Tues-Sun, Noon-6pm) to meet the animal. Some animals (like puppies and kittens) are in high demand and families do arrive before business hours to meet them. Please see more information about high-profile animals

Here's a little more you should know about meeting your new dog or cat: 

Bring the family: We request that all family members - especially children - living in the household meet the animal prior to adoption. This helps our staff ensure that the animal is a good fit for your family. 

Bring your dog: This is required for most dog adoptions so make sure to bring any dogs currently living in your home to the adoption center. It's a good idea to bring someone along to sit with your dog before the dog-to-dog meeting. These meetings must be occur no later than 15 minutes prior to closing so please plan ahead. 

Adoption holds: For a fee of $15, adopters may place a hold on an available animal after completing an application and meeting the animal. This fee is non-refundable and may not be applied to the adoption fee. Holds are valid until 5:30 pm the next business day and not accepted for puppies and kittens.

Behavior/medical consults: Sometimes our dogs and cats may be going home with medicine or require a consult for breed or behavior specific conditions. We'll have a member of our staff meet with you to make sure you know what to expect. 

4. Complete the adoption. Ready to welcome your new family member to your home? You'll meet with our adoption staff to make it official! Make sure you have everything you need to take your new pet home; this includes a collar and leash for dogs and a collar and carrier for cats. Don't have these? Don't worry! You can purchase all of these items (and more) at our on-site ReTails Pet Store. 

Adoption Fees

Kittens (under 6 months) - $180* 
Youth (6 months-2 years) - $80
Adult (3-6 years) - $50
Senior (7+ years) - $25

Puppies (under 6 months) - $400-$600*
Youth (6 months-2 years) - $250-$400*

Adult (3-6 years) - $150-$300*
Senior (7+ years) - $50-$100

All Ages - $25

Note: Kitten and puppy availability varies, please see High-Profile Adoptions for more information about adopting a puppy or kitten.

premium pricing may apply based on breed and/or age

Additional Information

High-Profile Adoptions 
High-profile adoptions include puppies, kittens, and certain breeds of adult dogs and cats. Individuals interested in adopting one of these high-profile animals should consider:

• Arrive early on the day they intend to adopt. At 10:00 am, adoption staff will distribute “pick of the litter” cards to individuals waiting to adopt.
• This card allows the holder to select a puppy or kitten from the litter (or reserve their place to meet the adult dog or cat) in the order the cards were distributed. Cards are distributed in order of arrival and are not available before 10:00 am. 
We cannot estimate an arrival time to ensure "first in line" status. Adopters are encouraged to arrive as early as possible and form a line at the front door to increase their chances of adopting their desired animal. 
• Visitation of animals is not available until the Adoption Center opens that day (usually noon).

This process applies only to animals who are currently available (or will be available on the day of arrival) at our Adoption Center-Shelter. This process is not available at off-site adoptions or adoption events.

All Adoptions Include
Spay or neuter surgery
Microchip ID and national registration
Select vaccinations
Free veterinary exam with a local participating veterinarian
Animal training information
30 days of free pet insurance

Surgical Schedules and Adoption Availability
In order to provide appropriate recovery time, dogs will not be available for socialization or adoption on the day they receive their spay/neuter surgery. These dogs will still appear on the website and will be available for adoption the following day.

If you have any questions on the status of a dog, please call 360.693.4746

Finding Rover
HSSW has partnered with Finding Rover to help lost pets in our community! Finding Rover is facial recognition software that can help if your newly adopted pet does ever go missing. Your pet will be automatically registered with Finding Rover- all you need to do is log onto and update your information as well as report your pet missing.

Larch Pet Training Camp (LPTC)
We believe in second chances for dogs and cats…and people, too! Our partnership with the Washington Department of Corrections Larch Correctional Institution is just one way we connect pets and people, in a very special way. HSSW receives animals from various locations and from all types of situations. Sometimes these pets need time to adjust to all the changes in their life. Some may be shy and apprehensive and they need to learn to trust.  Others are happy-go-lucky but rowdy dogs who need to work on their manners before they can be adopted.

In collaboration with our HSSW professional trainers, inmate-handlers at Larch Corrections Center work with these dogs and cats to ready them for new adoptive homes.  Prison residents can earn the privilege to live, train and work with the animals 24 hours a day. Training and behavior programs are tailored to each individual animal and pets typically stay at LPTC for six to eight weeks before returning to HSSW for adoption. Dogs, cats and handlers all learn through the power of positive reinforcement.  

The Larch Pet Training Camp benefits both adopters and animals. Dogs learn family dog manners, basic commands and house and crate training. Cats learn to trust people and overcome shyness in order to live with their next family. And the inmates benefit by learning valuable work and life skills to aid them in transitioning back into our communities. People + Dogs + Cats… it’s what we do!

To learn more about animals in the Larch Pet Training Camp, please email [email protected]

Premium Pricing
Premium pricing may apply for some pets based on breed or age. Adoption fees are listed on our website. Please inquire in person to confirm the availability of a particular animal.

Adopted animals receive vaccines prior to adoption. Vaccines must be updated as recommended by your veterinarian. These vaccines may be administered by your family vet or many vaccine clinics offered in our community. To learn more about vaccine clinics offered in our area, visit Good Neighbor Vet.

Breed Requests
We do not accept requests to reserve specific breeds of dogs or cats. 

Military Discount
Our friends at the Ray Hickey Foundation are helping HSSW make matches with veterans and active-duty military personnel this season. Learn more here

We also offer a 10% discount on retail items in our shelter store.  Please provide a military ID at the time of adoption. Thank you for your service to country and community.