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Fundraise for the Animals

Support the animals with easy, convenient fundraising for your next event, workplace giving campaign, or just for fun.


Our work wouldn't be possible without our incredible volunteers! Join us and make a lifesaving difference.

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Make an Impact

DIY Fundraising Tools

Creating your fundraiser is the first step - next you need to make sure you share it with your friends, family, and whoever else you're asking to support your cause. Check the links below for some tools to help spread the word. 

Social Media Graphics

If you want to add some HSSW branding to your fundraiser, you can use the images below. Just click the image for a full-size graphic to download.



If you'd like to personalize your social media post in Canva or another design software, download one of the transparent frames linked below.



If you're creative, you can make your own promotion tools. Posters, flyers, graphics... it's up to you! Click below for HSSW logos to use in your fundraiser.

Horizontal Logo Red
Horizontal Logo White
Stacked Logo Red
Stacked Logo White