Food Donations

Support dogs and cats in need with a donation of pet food!

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Foster a Pet

When you foster, you make a lifesaving difference for pets who need you. Learn more about how you can help.

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Kids + Dogs + Cats

Inspiring a Humane Generation

At the Humane Society for Southwest Washington, we know that even the youngest members of our community can make a big difference for the animals. Looking to get a kiddo in your home engaged? Here are a few ideas to get started:

Host or Join an Event

Perfect for those kids who love to get everyone involved and be part of a team, events are a great way to make a difference!

  • Learn more about events for kids

    Host a fundraiser to help the dogs and cats!
    Consider ideas like a car wash, bake sale, or coin drive! Donating the money you receive from these activities is one of the best ways to help the dogs and cats. 

    Participate in our annual Walk/Run for the Animals
    Create a team of your friends and family - the more the merrier! Learn more about Walk/Run for the Animals

    Host a food drive!
    Donations of high-quality, healthy and nutritious foods are a great way to help out. Learn more about getting started on a food drive!


Donate Items

If your kiddo likes to save up - or collect items that can make a big impact - donation drives could be a great match!

  • Learn more about donation drives

    Help the dogs - donate Kong toys!
    Kongs are a pet toy made of durable rubber that can be purchased at most pet retailers. Every day, we serve up a special doggie-treat of frozen food stuffed into a Kong. It's a fun and easy way to keep the dogs busy. 

    Donate your gently-used items to ReTails Thrift Store.
    Every dollar from every purchase at ReTails Thrift Store supports the dogs and cats. Want to help even more? Make sure you shop at ReTails too!

Get Crafty

Is your child creative? Put crafting skills to work and provide enrichment for our cats and dogs.

  • Check out fun craft ideas

    Hidey Boxes (a.k.a. "kitty forts")
    Arriving at the shelter can be a stressful time for cats. This project provides a safe and comforting retreat for cats while they acclimate to their new environment and await their new families!

    • Select a box approximately 12"x12"x12" (you'll find these in the mailing section of most big box stores, some will even provide them for free)
    • Using a box cutter (make sure you ask for a grown up's help with this), cut out a large hole in one side of the box
    • If you wish, decorate the box with a special message or pictures (make sure to use only non-toxic markers or colored pencils)
    • Please avoid using: glue, paper, string or yarn

    Braided Cat Toys
    These toys provide a fun distraction for our cats. When attached to the kennel front door, they are also a great way for visitors to engage with our cats and provide some interactive fun. They're easily made from scrap fleece that can sometimes be obtained from your local fabric shop for discounted rates or even free!

    • Select 3 pieces of fleece (approximately 1" wide and 18"-24" in length)
    • Gather the pieces and tie a knot at the top
    • Braid the fleece until you have approximately 2" left
    • knot the end of the pieces

    Fleece "Tassel" Cat Toys
    A variation on the braided fleece toys, this toy is another fun way to keep our cats busy while they wait for their new family! 

    • Cut 4 squares of fleece (approximately 3" square) and stack the pieces like pancakes
    • On one side, make 3-4 parallel cuts through all 4 layers of fleece (the cuts should extend almost to the middle of the square)
    • On the opposite side, make similar cuts (the squares should now have long, "fringe" on 2 opposite sides)
    • Cut a long. thin piece of fleece (approximately 18"-24")
    • Tie the long piece around the middle of the stack and knot it tightly
    • Fluff up the strips on opposite sides of the squares - they should resemble a tassel

    Snuffle Mat
    Snuffle Mats can make dinner time an enriching and fun time for the dogs! They're easy to make and (best of all) can be washed after mealtime!

    Learn more about how to make these mats

    You can then deliver your craft projects to the Adoption Center during regular business hours! If you had a great time, take a photo and share it on Facebook to show your friends - and don't forget to tag us! 

Printable Handouts

Staying safe around pets is important! These handouts are a great way to teach kids at home or in the classroom.

Coloring Sheets - A fun, educational, and crafty way to teach kids about safe interactions with animals. Grab the markers and print off a coloring sheet to teach your child about Responsible Pet Ownership and How to Greet a Dog

Body Language - Help your child learn what a dog or cat is saying with their body! Dog Body Language and Cat Body Language flyers can help kids stay safe interacting with pets. 

Safe Interaction with Pets - Knowing how to greet and interact with pets is important. Polite people-manners often translate to polite dog-manners. Common Sense Dog Interaction can be easy!