Feline Capacity Limitations - Updated, October 21

Due to capacity issues, we are currently prioritizing placement of stray/lost cats to those with immediate medical needs or safety concerns. Owner surrenders are currently limited to only emergency circumstances.

Redemption by Appointment

Individuals with an appointment may knock or ring the bell to notify our staff of their arrival. Individuals who arrive without an appointment will be asked to wait outside of the building until the next available appointment.

Masks are required when visiting. Thank you for your understanding and for putting health and safety first. For more about appropriate use of face coverings, please visit CDC.gov.

Lost Pets in Our Care

To view all lost pets currently in our care, click here.

Reporting Stray Animals

If you have an animal emergency or are reporting a stray animal in your community, contact your local animal control agency:

Lost Pets

Please review the information below. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] or call 360.213.2621.

  • If You Lost a Pet...

    Visit our Stray and Lost Pets Page to view lost pets currently in our care. 

    Submit a Lost Pet Report so we can help keep an eye out.

    More strategies to help locate a lost pet include...

    • Notify your neighbors that your pet is missing – ask them to check their garage, shed, under their porch, etc.
    • Utilize local social media. Lost and found Facebook groups, Craigslist, and the NextDoor app are excellent ways to help spread the word. Active Facebook groups in our community include: SW Washington Lost & Found Pets and Lost & Found Pets of Vancouver, WA among others. 
    • Register with Finding Rover. HSSW is a registered partner with Finding Rover. Go to findingrover.com and click ‘I Lost a Pet’, upload your pet’s picture, and Finding Rover will search found reports which will include animals in our care.
    • Download a Lost Pet Poster to post around your neighborhood. Please be as detailed and descriptive as possible and include a photo of your pet.
    • Notify veterinary offices in your area. Ask them if they receive lost/stray pets in their clinic.
    • Make sure your contact information on your pet’s microchip is current. Adding a secondary contact and email address can help ensure you are reached when your pet is located.
    • Don’t give up! It can sometimes take a few months to locate a missing pet. Lost pet reports are kept for 30 days beyond your last visit to HSSW. It is important that you let us know that your pet is still missing and that you are actively looking for him/her.

    Problems with the online form? You can download and print a copy of the Lost Pet Report. The form must be brought to the shelter in person during regular business hours. Please also include a current photo of your pet.

  • Lost/Stray Procedures

    Animals reported as lost or stray are held for 3 days (without ID or microchip) or 5 days (if found with ID or microchip.) During that time, our staff actively call any available contact information available from licenses, ID, or microchip found on the animal. When a stray hold expires, animals will receive an evaluation and may be made available for adoption.

    As a licensing agent for Clark County, our staff is required to issue a license to any unlicensed animal being redeemed at our shelter. Licensing fees apply. Licensing and redemption fees are assessed by Clark County; HSSW staff are unable to reduce or waive fees. Learn more about licensing fees in Clark County.

  • Reduce the Chance of Losing your Pet

    Our pets can be escape artists. But doing all you can to relocate a lost pet can help give you peace of mind if they wander. 

    • Microchip your pet. A microchip acts as an added insurance policy and will help reunite lost animals with their owners, even if the animal somehow slips their collar. At HSSW, all animals are microchipped before adoption. Microchip services can be obtained at your family vet or in our community at clinics with Good Neighbor Vet
    • Have your pet wear a collar, ID, and license. This ensures that your pet can be traced back and returned to you.
    • As a licensing agent for Clark County, our staff is required to issue a license to any unlicensed animal being redeemed at our shelter. License your pet.
    • Spay/neuter your pet. Neutering helps to reduce a pet's instinct to roam and helps solve the overpopulation problem.
    • Keep cats indoors. Make sure your cat stays inside unless on a harness/leash or in a supervised area.
    • Fence your yard if practical. Make sure when your dog is outside it is in a fenced yard or on a leash.

Redemption Fees and Licensing

In Clark County, redemption and licensing fees are set by the county or jurisdiction in which the pet was found. HSSW is a contracted agent to provide care and shelter to stray and lost animals. Fees cannot be adjusted by HSSW staff.

  • Redemption Fees

    Fees are charged upon redemption according to the location where the animal was found. All fees are set by municipal code to help cover the cost of impounding stray animals. HSSW is not able to waive or adjust fees without authorization from the Manager of Clark County Animal Protection & Control. All animals received as lost/stray will incur impoundment and boarding fees. Transportation, medical and licensing fees may also apply.

    Vancouver, Battleground, Ridgefield, La Center, Yacolt and Clark County

    1st impound in a 12 month period - $25
    2nd impound in a 12 month period - $50
    3rd or more impound in a 12 month period - $100

    Boarding Fees:
    Charged daily until redemption, including the day the animal arrives
    $25/day - dogs, cats, small mammals
    $50/day - livestock

    Transportation Fee:
    Per animal, charged when the animal was brought to HSSW by an Animal Control officer
    $25 - dogs, cats, small mammals
    $50 - livestock

    Medical Fees:
    Charged when an animal requires immediate medical care during the stray holding period
    $50 (or actual costs incurred)

    License Fees:
    Charged if an animal is not currently licensed; includes a $5 agent fee paid to HSSW
    Cats - $25 altered; $45 unaltered
    Dogs - $30 altered; $55 unaltered
    *Additional fines may be assessed if citations are issued by Clark County Animal Protection & Control.

    City of Camas

    Cats - Clark County impound fees apply
    Dogs - See Below

    1st impound - $40
    2nd+ impound (in a 12 month period) - $55

    Boarding Fees:
    Charged daily until redemption

    Quarantine Boarding Fees
    *License fees must be paid via the city of Camas

    City of Washougal

    Cats - Clark County impound fees apply
    Dogs - See Below

    1st impound - $25
    2nd impound - $75
    3rd or more impound - $150

    Boarding Fees:
    Charged daily until redemption

    Quarantine Boarding Fees:
    *License fees must be paid via the city of Washougal

  • Pet Licenses

    In Clark County and its inclusive cities, it is required by law that owned cats and dogs are licensed.

    As a licensing agent for Clark County, our staff is required to issue a license to any unlicensed animal being redeemed at our shelter. Licensing fees apply and include a nominal agent fee. Learn more about licensing at Clark County's Pet Licensing page or call 564.394.2489.

Found Pets

Pets found in our community usually have a worried family looking for them! If you find a pet in your neighborhood, it's your responsibility to notify us so we can help locate its family.  

  • If You Found a Pet...

    You may have just saved a life. Thank you! It's important to report found pets immediately. Not only is their family worried about them, they could be dependent on medication, special food, or other treatments. Timely reporting is essential. 

    • Email [email protected] with questions or bring the animal to the shelter during regular business hours. Please note: you must make an appointment. Learn more at the top of this page.
    • Complete a Found Pet Report so our staff can keep the details on file. Doing so will help us provide information to families calling us to search for their lost pet. You may choose to keep the animal at your home while still looking for the owner, but you are expected to report the pet as lost.
    • Utilize local social media. Lost and found Facebook groups, Craigslist, and the NextDoor app are excellent ways to help spread the word.
    • Have the animal scanned for a microchip. You can do this at the Humane Society or your local vet. If a microchip is found, the owner can be contacted immediately.
    • Notify your neighbors. They may have information that can help. 
    • Post a Found Pet Poster in the area where you found the animal.

If You Find Kittens

If you find kittens, do not rush to the rescue immediately. The mother may be in the area and removing the kittens immediately could separate them from mom. Kittens who are able to stay safely with their mom have a much better chance of survival. 

This helpful graphic can assist you in determining if kittens are in need of rescue. Please review the information below for details about bringing kittens to HSSW and other resources available to support kittens in need. 

  • When to "Rescue" Kittens

    It’s a natural instinct to want to “rescue” kittens, but that might be the wrong move. Kittens usually have a better chance of survival with their mom. Very young kittens are difficult to care for and may "fail to thrive" without the care of their mother. Consider the information below when you find kittens.

    If you need us, we're here to help - contact us so we can be ready for you. Click here.

    Is mom with the kittens?

    Even if you can't see her, mom may be near by. She may be hunting, taking a break, or even hiding from you. As long as the kittens are safe from immediate danger and hazardous conditions, give mom time to come back. Leave the area and check back in two hours. If mom came back, great! The kittens are safe with her. If not, wait two more hours. If mom still hasn't returned, the kittens likely need some help. 

    Are the kittens in any immediate danger?

    As long as the kittens are not in any danger (look for dogs or other predators, traffic, exposure to weather conditions, etc.), it’s important to wait for a few hours and observe. Please review the information above and wait for mom to return. 

    If the kittens are in immediate danger, they should be picked up right away and brought to HSSW or taken inside your home until you're able to bring them in. 

    Are the kittens healthy?

    Kittens who are sick or hurt need immediate care. Kittens who are dirty or skinny, kittens who have wounds or eyes that are crusted have likely been abandoned by mom. These kittens should be picked up immediately so they can receive medical care.

    Additional support

    Of course, kittens will be found in a variety of circumstances, and it's not always easy to know if they need help. Our team is available to help you determine the best course of action. Need some help? Contact us: Click here.

  • Additional Kitten Resources

    Overnight Care for Kittens

    If you found kittens that need to come to HSSW but it's outside of our business hours, you can keep them safe and warm at home overnight. Place them in an open box with a blanket and a heating pad (if available) on low to keep them warm. If possible, you can pick up kitten formula and a feeding bottle at your local pet store. You'll find information about determining a kitten's age and feeding needs below. 

    However, if the kittens are in need of emergency medical care, Please contact Columbia River Veterinary Specialists

    Determining Kitten Age

    Sometimes, an estimate of a kitten's age can help our team recommend the best course of action. This guide from ASPCA can help.

    Caring for Young Kittens at Home (Fostering)

    Taking kittens home to foster sounds like fun - and it can be. But it's also a lot of work and not something that can be done if you work a day job. Depending on their age, kittens need milk replacer, special bottles, and may need to eat every two hours (that means the middle of the night, too). 

    Check out this guide to caring for neonatal kittens before attempting to care for kittens yourself. 

Kitten Emergencies After-Hours

If you found ill or injured kittens after hours, in need of immediate medical attention, please contact Columbia River Veterinary Specialists - 360-694-3007. 

Questions? Need help? 
Admissions Team
360.213.2621 or [email protected]

Animal Welfare and Safety

Animal Welfare and Safety

Strategies for staying safe and resources for other agencies in our community. Keeping animals safe takes a village and these resources are here to help.



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